Friday, January 16, 2015


 A claw hammer was placed on top of a panel that was lifted from the precast.

A panel was lifted from the precast yard by a tower crane. While on its way up to 25th floor, the operator of the tower crane noticed that there was a claw hammer on top of the panel. The operator took immediate action by sending it back to the yard. 

This is a NEAR MISS INCIDENT, if not with the vigilant observation by the tower crane operator, a major incident could have been happen.

Root Cause: 
  • Negligence and Carelessness.
  • Inadequate control of equipment and tools being used, stored, or moved at height.

Corrective and Preventive Action:
  • No loose/unwanted materials or objects  should be kept any items being lifted.
  • Items to be lifted should be checked by the supervisor and banksman prior lifting operation.
  • All workforce MUST be briefed about the safe handling and lifting of materials on daily basis by the supervisor.
  • Storage of materials in temporary laydown areas at height must be managed to prevent anything from falling. Ensure that the responsibility for these areas is clear and that there are signs or barriers, and daily inspections.
  • Housekeeping and continual inspections must be a part of the job plan, both during the work and after it is finished. Check top of the cabinets/panels, dark corners, ledges for leftover materials that could fall later.