Monday, May 19, 2014


Open Excavation

As shown on the photo above, the excavated area has a depth of approximately 4 m. An open excavation presents a dangerous situation. Here, the foreman in-charge failed to carry out the necessary safety measures after completing its tasks, leaving the area in an unsafe condition without proper barricading and signage.

Potential risk that may lead into accident: 
Person or heavy equipment falling into excavation and getting seriously injured or damaged.

Preventive actions taken:
The safety team observed the potential hazards and instructed to close out outstanding items such as providing proper barricading, signage and rectification works to the area immediately before allowing any activity to commence on the said area.

Lessons Learned:
  1. All excavated areas must be attended to safely before and after the work. 
  2. A safe work procedure must be carried out to prevent accidents. 
  3. Traffic Management/Logistic Plan shall be in place also and suitable and sufficient barrier for the risk such as pedestrian or vehicle barriers must be placed.
  4. Deep excavation signs must be placed with preferred language ensuring that everybody can understand. 
  5. Access in and out of the excavation must be placed so as not to impede on traffic rules nor into a dangerous situation.

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