Monday, May 12, 2014


A worker was doing UNSAFE electrical works on near wet or water area water. There were no earth leakage circuit breakers or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) used. The electrical cables were damaged and poorly maintained and the worker was not wearing his (PPE) personal protective equipment required for the given task.
Apparently it is a HIGH RISK of electrical shock or electrocution.

  1. Electrical equipment were not inspected before each use.
  2. No regular or weekly inspections made for cables. 
  3. Employees were not trained on how to inspect damaged electrical equipment/s and what actions to take if identified.
  4. Procedures on what to do with damaged electrical equipment were not advised or informed to the workforce.

The electrical work was immediately stopped and all damaged cables were replaced to new one. A residual current device (RCD) was supplied and connected for the job/task.

  1. All electrical works must have correct and proper earthing prior commencing of any electrical activities.
  2. Electricians must inspect regularly or weekly all electrical cables and replace to new one if damaged or as required. 
  3. Storekeepers must be informed and instruct not to issue any damaged electrical equipments to the workforce.
  4. Ensure procedures are given to the workforce to educate what actions need to take place if any equipment they use is damaged.

  • Train and educate all employees/staff via toolbox talks (TBT) on what safe actions to take for any future works with electrical equipment near water.
  • Train and educate employees not to used any damage electrical equipment. Returned it to the store room for replacement.
  • Adopt a work permit system for any electrical works that is to be done near or over water to ensure safe work practices take place before proceeding the works.

"On construction sites, domestic type sockets and plugs are not allowed and shall not be used. Correctly color coded industrial plugs and sockets (say yellow for 110V & blue for 220V) c/w armored cable should be fitted and used. Companies must adopt 110V eletrical hand tool policy because 220V can kill a person. Workers must wear rubber soled safety shoes".

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