Thursday, May 8, 2014


On a construction site, it was observed that a plant bucket was adapted or changed to fit forklift tines to each side and used as a crane which is against manufacturer's recommendations. (See photo below)

Unsafe use of Plant.

The risk is very high - Risk of collapse. Also, the management isn't aware of the dangers this could expose all employees as well.

  1. The task was stopped and the forklift tines has been removed.
  2. A toolbox talk has been conducted raising the hazards associated with the task performed and all plant operators attended.
  3. Employees were reminded and instructed not to fit forklift tines or anything else to the plant.

  • No plant is to be changed unless it is within the manufacturers' guidelines.
  • The management shall instruct the workforce not to redesign any plant or equipment unless it is approved.
  • Supervise work groups to confirm compliance to procedures.

Train and educate all employees (via toolbox talk) and emphasize the reason why plant is not to be modified.

"Operators to be trained on manufacturer's guidelines and limitations for plant usage, supervision to be in place for lifting operations and method statements to be developed and communicated to all staff before commencement. Earthmoving equipment is to be used as per manufacturer's instructions and that is earthmoving only. Only equipment designed for lifting, which will be fitted with a load moment indicator and load charts to be used."


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