Tuesday, May 6, 2014


A safety inspection has been conducted on a construction site and found out that a damaged web sling belt was using to lift compressors and other heavy equipment. (See photo below)

The sling belt was unsafe to use. 

Later, on the other area, it was identified three more web sling belts were being used that were badly damaged.

  1. Lifting equipment was not inspected prior to each use.
  2. No regular or weekly inspections has been made for lifting equipments.
  3. Riggers were not trained on how to inspect damaged lifting equipement.
  4. Procedures what to do with damaged lifting equipment if discovered were not advised and communicated to the workforce.

The damaged web sling belts were cut in half and thrown out into the rubbish bin. Immediately notified to the procurement department to order new web sling belts.

  • Inspect all lifting equipment prior to each use.
  • If any lifting equipment is damaged, remove immediately from operation and advised the management and ensure it is destroyed so that other personnel will not mistakenly use it.
  • Initiate regular inspections of all lifting equipment by competent and trained employees only.
  • Ensure procedures are properly communicated to the workforce and adhered to.

Trained all riggers on how to identify damaged lifting equipments and what actions need to take place to ensure all workers safety.

"Inspection regime to be in place, competent persons to carry out inspections, means of separation necessary to separate usable from defective strops and other lifting equipment such as chains, etc. Companies to design color coding and regular inspection by a competent person in the inspection and registering of all lifting gears prior to use. Store keepers to control the issuing of lifting equipment via a register book or card system. Good practice is to set up a quarantine cage that is under control of store or safety section. In this way, any discrepancy items can be controlled until the next third party inspection".

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