Thursday, April 24, 2014


The accident happened at construction building G+24 floor which involved one worker.

The construction worker was fitting a duct inside a riser somewhere on the 7th floor at the same time a masonry team was also working on the same riser at the upper level that is on the 21st floor to be exact. As we all know by nature, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere unexpectedly. So what happened is, a hollow block fell from the 21st floor and broke the overhead protection which was covering the 9th floor and it continues to fall to 7th floor and hit the workers head (protected with hard hat). See actual photo below.

The worker was hospitalized and suffered a broken bone on his shoulder caused by the impact of the hollow block that fell on him from 21st floor. He was given a 3 months leave.
SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF THE HARD HAT !!! - A life saver !!!. 
If the worker was not wearing his hard hat at that time, he will be dead on the scene.

It was found out later that the accident was caused by the failure and negligence of the main contractor who permitted a sub contractor worker to work inside a riser, however at the same time masonry works is going on at the upper level on the same riser.

Reminder & Lessons Learned:
"Investigate to correct failure of the Permit To Work (PTW) and prevent the drop of equipment from height. Risk assessment must be reviewed to address corrective and preventative actions."

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  1. Ooopps, i hope everything is all right, be sure to handle construction materials with care