Monday, April 7, 2014


Scenario of the incident:

A table form was being removed from its position on a certain height of the constructed building lifted by a tower crane. During the lifting operation, the table form came free from the "C" hook that was being used to lift by the tower crane afterwards fell into one of the safety nets that had been put in place around the perimeter of the constructed building. (See photo below)

Investigators found out that the person acting as a banksman was not competent and failed to inspect the table form if it is safe and secured onto the "C" hook prior to lifting operation and also did not noticed that the tag lines were tangle on a nearby handrail causing the load to displace.

Despite of the incident, there were no persons injured or harmed and luckily there's a safety net provided around the perimeter of the building that prevent leading to major accident.

Preventive Measures:
  • Regular inspection MUST be performed by safety officers and to be communicated to the engineer and foreman to ensure that only trained, competent and authorized persons will be working as banksman on any projects.  
  • Only trained and certified banksman to be appointed to control lifting operations throughout all projects.
  • Additional training by Third Party and internal toolbox talks is also recommended to highlight the responsibilities and procedures to persons working in the position of banksman.
  • Ensure all loads are correctly and properly secured and competent or trained banksman is appointed prior commencing any lift operations.

"There is a suggestion that competent banksman must be identified through a different color either hard hat or uniform among others. Risk assessments must be carried out and communicated to all persons involved in the task. Method statements are required on how to carry out the task. Toolbox talks must be communicated to the workforce on the dangers and risks of lifting loads."

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