Sunday, April 13, 2014


As shown on the above photo, the ram of the 45 cu.m articulated dump truck change its course or position while lifting was in progress resulting in the body tipping to the side.

  • Possible jacking of ram immediately position to 5.
  • Poor quality of ram.
  • Failure of hydraulic system on the track.
  • The flow of the load was not proper as the sub base material was slightly damp.
Lessons Learned:
  • Banksman should be trained to ensure that the rear gate is opened and the load moves down from truck bed at jack position 3 before hoisting it to higher position.

Corrective Actions (after the incident):
  • The use of 45 cu.m tipping trailers will be reviewed.
  • Until the review is complete the suppliers were instructed to deliver all loads using non-articulated 18 cu.m trucks.
  1. Review of the 5 stage jack hoisting procedure is required.
  2. The tractor unit must be in a straight line with the trailer, and at the time of tipping should have the parking break off which will allow the truck combination to move forward as the load starts to discharge, allowing the total amount of material to flow from the tipper.

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