Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The crane as shown photo above, overturned while lifting a 2 tonne load of cement bucket.

Why it was overturned?

The operator over reached the crane boom and the result was destructive. Fortunately no one was hurt or injured due to the fact the crane was prevented from falling over the edge of the excavation by the boom resting on the scaffolds.


The following are to be considered:
  • Positioning of outriggers with base plate on a compacted or rigid soil.
  • Driver or operator competence (3rd party accreditation required).
  • Ensure Confirmation Automatic Safe Load Indicator (ASLI) is working.
  • Crane inspection certificate (3rd party approved).
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) must be conducted.
  • Approved lifting plan must be in place.
  • Operator competence be able to read load chart inside the crane cabin.
"The crane must be properly positioned in the first place. Improper positions will force the boom below the stability rating. However, the safety system of the crane (if working properly) should detect the crane going out of limits and should have displayed a warning to the operator. The load moment  indicator must be operational, programmed correctly and not in the override position.The operator must also know how to read and understand it".


Crane operations are common at construction site and represents one of most severe threats of property damage, injury or even fatal.

Our human body has no match for a load suspended from a crane. The load is being lifted by a mechanical device operated by human being. We know that both are subject to limitations and failures. Despite of our best intentions, mechanical fails and humans make mistakes

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