Saturday, April 26, 2014


At construction site, an inspector discovered a safety fall arrest harness with broken shock load indicator was in the work place and could have been used by anyone at site already. 

Comparison of shock load indicator strip - broken & intact

Strips were shock loaded with a force causing the strips to break. However, there were NO indication of falls involved.

Hence, the belt was totally disposed from the site.

Belts must be fully inspected by the wearer or user to make sure the strips are intact before each use.

  • Harnesses shall be registered and every issued to site shall be inspected by a competent person prior wearing or putting it into use.
  • Also, all harness after using it, MUST again be inspected by a competent person before returning it to store.
  • Keep written records of inspections and approvals.
  • Refer any questionable defects to your supervisor or check with the manufacturer.
  • Toolbox talk on safety harness for users shall be conducted only by authorized and competent persons.

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