Sunday, December 8, 2013


An accident occurred while the operator was offloading a pipe bedding material for deep excavation. As the boom loader was approaching near the edge of excavation and extended the boom in order to offload the material, the boom hit the shoring of the excavation, and its rear wheeled up (see photo below) and immediately the operator opened its cabin, jumped out and escaped without injury or damage to the property.

Root Cause:
  1. Absence of trained banksman
  2. Machinery was positioned to close to the edge of the excavation
  3. Failed to extend the outriggers
  4. Loose soil on the edge of the excavation & no edge protection
  5. Lack of competent operator and supervision
  6. Safe system of work was not implemented.
  7. No sign of risk assessment.

 Preventive Measures:
  1. Properly use of outriggers
  2. Position the heavy machinery at least two(2) meters away from the edge of the excavation
  3. Provide proper edge protection and visible safety signboards on the excavated areas
  4. Provide trained banks man
  5. Appropriate supervision
  6. Ensure risk assessment has been done and must be followed
  7. Operator must be licensed and competent

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