Wednesday, October 16, 2013


A group of scaffolders was given a task to dismantle a scaffolding erected site. They use the so-called "hand ball" method, where ledgers are dismantled at the top and passed it downwards from level to level using a division of labors.
While performing the hand ball method, unexpectedly, one ledger slept on one of the scaffholder's hand from a certain level but the scaffolder who was positioned below quickly catch the ledger to avoid accident.
Luckily, no injury was reported.

I do not owned the photo shown above and the same is for illustration purpose only.

Risk Controls to be implemented accordingly:
  • Maintained proper communication throughout the tasks.
  • Ensure correct manual handling of materials are to be followed accordingly as the same to be highlighted in discussion on toolbox talks to the assigned workers.
  • Update the risk assessment regularly or as needed or as required and clearly highlight or mentioned the hazards and safety measures to be taken to ensure the system of work is safe.
  • As per the code of practice for dismantling of scaffolding, all materials shall be lowered carefully by passing it from one scaffolder to another. Do not throw the materials directly to the ground it is an unsafe practice.
  • Ensure sufficient number of operatives are provided for the task and must be trained and competent persons, instead of attempting to complete the job with less workforce and incompetent.
  • Don't forget also that the public shall be protected at all times (if required depending on the type and location of the project) by barricading or providing barriers around the areas where scaffolding is dismantled.

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