Friday, September 27, 2013


Summary of the Incident:

A boom loader was lifting a bag of rockwool and at a certain height a piece of wood fell into the steel racks, bounced out and hit a workers face who was standing underneath, resulting a face and teeth injury or damage, which requires surgery.

Root Cause:
  1. The piece of wood (which intend to be the support) was not fixed or secured with a rope or nails to the pallet.
  2. Lack of supervision.
  3. Worker (victim) was standing too close underneath the load.

Lessons Learned:
  1. Correct or proper safe lifting procedure should be implemented and followed accordingly.
  2. Load/s must be secure and ensure no loose materials left on the pallet.
  3. Adequate supervision should be available at all times.
  4. Supervisors should assign only a competent person for the given or specific task.
  5. Supervisors to ensure load is secured and danger zone is clear prior any lifting operation begins.

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