Thursday, September 19, 2013


Activity: Handling of concrete blocks.

While transferring a concrete block (about 40 kg), one worker failed to pass properly the concrete block to his co-worker. What happened is that the concrete block slipped and fell to the ground along with the worker's finger under it. As a result the injured person's left finger was severely crushed and fractured. (See Photo below).

Root Cause:
  1. Shifting and handling of concrete blocks is incorrect.
  2. Failure to follow correct procedure or method of statement.
  3. Not wearing the required PPE (hand gloves) for the given task.
  4. Lack of training and knowledge.

Preventive Measures:
  1. Provide ways to improve lifting, lowering, filling and carrying task by changing work practices by giving training on Manual Material Handling.
  2. Ensure employees use safety gloves when handling heavy objects and/or sharp surface/corners.
  3. Plan for the most effective way possible like using of equipment instead of labor manual handling to reduce the effort and physical force needed to perform work or tasks.

 "Manual handling best practice states physical contact should be considered as a last resort, the use of mechanical means is to be considered. Based on the weight - best practice states it is a two man operation for manual handling if no mechanical means is possible, gloves will help prevent slips but will not protect from crushing. 

Safety Hand gloves

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