Friday, August 30, 2013


During a site safety inspection, one web sling belt was found to be damage stored at the Storeroom (see photo below). It was reportedly that the damage web sling belt was using to lift a weight of 2 tonnes. If it has not been checked or noticed, it may have resulted in serious accident and can caused severe damage to the equipment, property and injury or even fatal or death to workers.
The issue was raised immediately and the damage web sling belt was remove and thrown out from the site.

Here, the store keeper failed to comply with strict inspection or checking process.

  • All lifting belts / slings must require strict inspection/checks prior using it.
  • Defective slings are never allowed to be used or stored in an active store.
  • Toolbox talks must be conducted to communicate this issue.
All lifting equipment to be checked by approved third party/responsible person to be desginated internally to inspect all slings before use / color coding option should be introduce to EHS Management System to enforce regular inspection. Daily rigger inspections are necessary to check the condition of the slings. Nylon strops that are frayed or damage (as shown in the photo above) are to be quarantine, remove and/or cut in such a way they are not able to used it.

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