Monday, August 19, 2013


In a recent incident, a worker was given a task to charge a 12V car battery in the battery charging area. During the charging process, unexpectedly the battery exploded splashing battery acid into the worker's face. Immediately, his face and eyes were rinsed with clean fresh running water at the eye station and taken to the site male nurse for initial treatment. Afterwards, he was sent to hospital for proper examination. So far, there was no serious or permanent injury sustained during the incident.

Q: Why did the battery explode?
A: It was revealed that the battery cell caps were not remove during the charging process, which resulted in a build up of gas causing an "explosion".

Below Photo shown of the battery after explosion:

  1. All battery cell caps shall be kept open while charging.
  2. Only competent persons are allowed to enter the battery charging room/area.
  3. Ensure that all risk assessments are regularly checked and updated.
  4. Always wear proper PPE (e.g eye and face protection) while entering the battery charging room/area.  

"Battery charging room/area must be designed for the purpose. Correct ventilation, warning signs, NO smoking signs, eye wash station, spill kit, fire equipment and emergency plan MUST be all in place. Shelving where the batteries are charged and surface should be non-porous in order to prevent it becoming sodden and enable correct clean up of spills.

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