Wednesday, July 17, 2013


In this photo shown above, you will find unsafe practice of electrical connection mostly at constructions sites.

Here, two (2) electric cables were connected to one (1) industrial plug and as you can see the earth wires were cut in order to get the 4 cables into one plug and note that it is supplied by a 220V system.

Imagine that this cables were used by steel fixers on the steel rebar cage. What do you think will be the risks?
  • If the cables will get damaged or faulty wiring occur and the live wire of the improper connection plug touched the steel bars, apparently the steel frame will be live and all the steel fixers working at the steel bar cage will be exposed to serious injury or killed due to electric shock.
"Any mistake and error in electrical connections could result in a serious accident which is unacceptable on any project. Therefore, this unsafe practice must be STOPPED!"

  1. At construction site, NO one is allowed to do any electrical temporary or permanent works unless otherwise he is a competent electrician.
  2. Attention must be paid to the competency of the electricians and the quality of their works.
  3. Competent supervision to check on all work carried out, that is of regulatory standard and quality.
  4. Toolbox talk on the result of faulty wiring to be discussed with all electricians employees.
  5. Competent electricians to undertake electrical connections documented inspections carried out on all electrical equipment and connections.

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