Tuesday, February 19, 2013


During a routine safety inspection conducted at site, it was observed that there's an inadequately protected floor opening inside the construction building, somewhere in the first floor level. See Photo below.

Just imagine, when a person will fall through this unprotected floor opening, apparently a major accident will occur or even death or fatal. But this high risk can be prevented in different ways as mentioned below.

All openings in floor areas where there is a risk of tripping, trapping a foot in, or falling through them must be:
1. Edge protection should be provided on larger openings.
2. Covered with a material suitable strength to withstand loadings of personnel and equipment.
3. The covering clearly marked with a warning of "Danger Opening Below".
4. Secured to the floor with suitable fixings.
5. Management supervision must be vigilant in monitoring the covering of these type of openings. Where unprotected openings are found in some areas must be closed off until safety measures are in placed.

Example of Safety Practice for floor openings that can be implemented at construction site and can save millions of life.

Important notice:

 "Additional info is required for inductions/toolbox talks informing persons not to remove or go beyond barriers etc...."

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