Monday, January 7, 2013


A man sleeping under a bus vehicle -resulting major injury.
What Happened?
It was a very hot day and a worker decided to take rest under the shade of a bus that was parked under the shade of the tree. In that position, no one could see him resting under the bus.

Photo is for Illustrative purpose only.

The bus driver did not expect anyone to rest under the vehicle. When the driver started the engine and move forward, the worker attempted to come out but it was too late for him. The worker was run over by the bus and the accident resulted in severe fracture to his thigh bones.

The following risk control measures need to be implemented:
  • The driver is responsible to check all sides of the vehicle including beneath the chassis to ensure that nobody is in the vicinity and it is clear from any obstacles before starting the vehicle.
  • All drivers to undergo refresher course in defensive driving at regular intervals.
  • Any person needs to take some rest is recommended to use the rest sheds provided on site for this purpose.
  • Regular toolbox talks to be provided to all site personnel on the hazards associated with sleeping under stationary vehicles.
  • All drivers need to check and to ensure that the reverse parking lights and reverse horn is in good working condition at all times to warn anyone in the vicinity. 

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