Saturday, November 10, 2012


Brief Description of the Incident:

The pump helper was getting into position putting the remote control over his head and ready to proceed with the pumping. While stepping backwards, he was tripped over an unprotected reinforced rebar and stuck into his left thighin three places. He then received a total of three stitches.

Image of unprotected rebar:

Root Cause:
Not paying attention and due care on site.

Action Taken to Prevent a Recurrence:
Conduct toolbox talks to all pump operators and helpers regarding the risks and possible dangers of working/operating that can lead to serious injuries on construction sites.


"Safety rebar caps should be placed on top of all the rebars to prevent this type of injury (See illustration)".

Where the rebar cap cannot be obtained, suggest to cut blocks of wood size 1"x1" and hammer them into the top of the rebar which is just as effective.


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