Friday, November 16, 2012


At construction site, a fire incident was reported on one of the porta cabins installed for cooking purposes. The cause of the fire was an electrical hot plate get overheated which was left switch on.

Investigation Report:
There was a fault on the electricity and was tripped off when the electrical hot plate was on operation or switch on. The circuit is fed from the temporary distribution board at the site. The user left the area without disconnecting the main plug and leaving the hot plate's switch in the "ON" position. Meanwhile when the electricity was restored, the hot plate (left in "ON" position) got overheated and it caught fire eventually spreading to the whole cabin and all items inside the cabin were burned. Although a worker who first noticed the fire unsuccessfully attempted to put out the fire with Co2 extinguishers. It took approximately 30 minutes, before the fire was controlled and put out completely. Apart from the significant loss of property there was no reportable injury from the incident.

Porta Cabin after the fire inciedent

Preventive Measures:
  • Always "switched off" any type of electrical equipment when it is not in use.
  • Never leave electric appliances unattended as far as reasonable practicable.
  • Tool Box Talks to be conducted on awareness about safety use of electrical appliances or equipment.
  • Fire/Smoke detection & Fire fighting systems MUST be available near the vicinities or living quarters and ensure it is in good condition.
  • Fire risk assessment for the living and cooking area must be conducted and control measures to be implemented accordingly.


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