Monday, November 19, 2012


Description of Accident: 
Some personnel were busy dismantling the erected scaffold in an excavation area when an operator of a dump truck suddenly park the equipment too close in the vicinity. The scaffold chargehand gave an instruction to the operator that he have to move his equipment away from the working area to protect it from falling materials. The operator started his engine right away and directly reversed it without checking the surrounding area. The dump truck hit the barricade protection around an excavation, breaking through and overturning into the excavation.
Luckily, the operator escaped from injury but some damage was found on the rear of the dump truck.

Photo of the overturned dump truck:

Root Caused:
  • The operator was not thinking and paying attention.
  • Human Factor - Attitude of Operator.

Preventive Measures:
  1. Training session to all operators.
  2. Vehicle inspection to ensure no failure of equipment as contribution to incident.
  3. Concrete ballards should be installed as barricading around excavation.
"This type of vehicle equipment should not be permitted to drive too close to any excavated area. A banksman must be appointed for traffic management system. The operator must be trained and qualified".


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