Friday, December 23, 2011


Description of Incident: 
A rigger clipped the hooks of the lifting chains to the shuttering in preparation for the lift. The lifting points selected on the shuttering were incorrect, which resulted in additional stress being applied on the right hook block of the chain. The hook snapped off the shuttering resulting in a fall from a height of 1.5 m. Luckily there were no injuries or casualties in this incident.

Root Cause of the Incident:
1.The rigger failed to connect to the correct lifting points prior to commencement of lifting the shuttering. The centripetal force of the shuttering should be kept in mind when allocating lifting points of the load being lifted.
2. The rigger did not follow the prescribed method that had been described within the lifting plan and communicated to him.

Safety Measures:
  • Ensure there is a Work Activity Method Statement & Risk Assessment.
  • Ensure a Lifting Plan has been developed by a competent person, by calculating the loads to be lifted.
  • Ensure riggers appointed for lifting operations are briefly and appropriately trained.
  • Ensure the lifting plan has been communicated to all involved in the lifting operation.
  • Ensure the Crane has an in-date-test certificate as per manufacturer's requirements.
  • Ensure all lifting accessories have been inspected in line with local legislative requirements.
  • Where possible demarcation of lifting points to be physically identified on the load.

"Sections of shuttering should be lifted one at time which minimizes the risk. Caution when bolting together different sizes/weights of shuttering together as weight/size of each shutter is different therefore has different stress points. Lifting points shall be clearly defined in manufacturer's specifications and shall be marked on the shutters in red color as to where the rigger should attach the lifting equipment".

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