Friday, November 11, 2011


A 500 tonne mobile crane was lifting a "Megashore 'A' Frame" to level 8 to allow the works to continue. While the 'A' frame was being lifted, a foot plate located on the bottom of the leg of the 'A' frame caught the underside of a 3.6 m RMD beam. The beam was positioned in 2 'U' heads on the rapid shore tower. The collision caused the beam to lift out of the 'U' heads and fall to the ground floor level, into a barricaded area. There were no injuries.

Factors of the Near Miss Incident:
  • Riggers are not vigilant during the lifting operation.
  • Beam not secured during erection process as required by the drawings.
  • Briefings were not conducted on correct method of erection.

Lessons Learned:
  • All slim shore beams are to be secured to the 'U' heads during installation.
  • Supervisors are to be ensure that Tool Box Talks (TBT) must be carried out on correct method of operation prior to shift starting.
Safety Instruction:
All sites are to be undertake a review on all lifting operations to ensure work method statements and risk assessments are relevant to the operation and that riggers and scaffolders are following the erection process. Riggers to receive Tool Box Talks (TBT) regarding the need to remain vigilant throughout all lifting operations.

"Banksman needed for crane sightings and operational assistance, lifting plan to be in place, supervision required during operation. Lifting plans should cover rigger duties. Lifting plans to be documented and approved by competent person prior to lift taking place. Competent supervisor with knowledge of lifting practice to be present during lifting operation. Competency of Riggers to be regularly assessed."

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